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Searer, Robbins & Stephens

Service Approach

Searer, Robbins & Stephens understands that different methods of approach and service are required for large projects versus small ones. Developing a deep and thorough understanding of project needs both in the short and long term enables facilities to be designed for the long haul. Utilizing a team approach, SRS strives for consensus building from the start. 

“Team” is the key for the “Best-in-Class” delivery model. Bringing collective experience with all parties involved helps share knowledge and ensure project success. With this common language, all parties are able to work toward the same vision and realize a project’s full potential. 

Business practices change and SRS is continually researching new technologies to provide service excellence as well as value for our clients. Our focus is to provide solutions that meet and exceed your expectations for your investment. 

SRS brings strategic project planning and cost analysis along with design, construction and commissioning. We have the expertise to guide our clients from start to finish. 

SRS has developed a strong track record with significant experience in design-build and performance based contracting. SRS works to enhance trust with our clients by developing mutually beneficial relationships through combining knowledge of current industry standards, technologies and practices with innovative delivery solutions that are tailored specifically for each client’s unique needs. 

Our firm offers a broad range of project solutions, from building analysis to full service design and construction administration. Our goal is to offer clients uncompromising value and quality without sacrificing service or schedule.

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